The Essential Summer Handyman To-Do List for Minneapolis Homeowners

The Essential Summer Handyman To-Do List for Minneapolis Homeowners

As temperatures rise and the days grow longer, summer in Minneapolis is the perfect time to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been postponing. Whether you’re looking to enhance your living space, increase your home’s value, or simply maintain your property, having a handyman to-do list can guide your efforts. Tomms Property Solutions is here to help you get the most out of the sunny season with our guide to the top handyman tasks for summer.

1. Deck Repair and Maintenance: Summer is synonymous with outdoor living, and in Minneapolis, there’s no better place to enjoy the warm weather than on your deck. Whether it needs minor repairs, a new coat of stain, or a complete overhaul, maintaining your deck not only extends its life but also improves your home’s outdoor aesthetic.

2. Window and Door Inspections: The harsh Minnesota winters can take a toll on your windows and doors. Summer provides the perfect opportunity to inspect and repair any damage. Sealing gaps, repairing frames, and possibly upgrading to more energy-efficient models can help keep your home cooler in the summer and prepare it for the next winter.

3. Gutter Cleaning and Repair: After the spring rains, checking your gutters is a must. Ensuring they are clean and in good repair is crucial to managing summer storms and preventing water damage. Overflowing or damaged gutters can lead to serious issues, including foundation damage, landscaping erosion, and basement flooding.

4. Painting and Siding Repairs: Sunshine and dry air create ideal conditions for painting and siding repairs. A fresh coat of paint not only boosts curb appeal but also provides a protective barrier against the elements. Additionally, repairing or replacing damaged siding will keep your home insulated and moisture-free.

5. Air Conditioner Service: To ensure your AC unit runs efficiently throughout the hot months, a summer inspection and tune-up are advisable. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns, improve energy efficiency, and extend the lifespan of your cooling system.

6. Roof Inspections: Winter snow and ice can damage your roof without you even realizing it. Summer is the right time to inspect your roof for any damage or wear. Early detection and repair of roofing issues can prevent costly repairs later on and ensure your home remains safe and dry.

7. Landscaping and Hardscaping Improvements: Enhance your outdoor living space with landscaping and hardscaping improvements. Whether it’s installing new flower beds, adding a paver patio, or creating a garden path, these projects can transform your outdoor space into a summer sanctuary.

8. Energy Efficiency Upgrades: Take advantage of the longer days to install energy-saving upgrades like programmable thermostats, new insulation, or energy-efficient lighting. These improvements can reduce your energy bills and make your home more comfortable.

Why Choose Tomms Property Solutions? At Tomms Property Solutions, our team of experienced handymen is ready to tackle your summer projects, big or small. We understand the unique challenges that Minneapolis homeowners face and offer customized solutions to ensure your home is in perfect shape for summer—and all year round.

Conclusion: Don’t let this summer pass by without crossing those important maintenance tasks off your handyman to-do list. With the help of Tomms Property Solutions, you can enjoy your home to the fullest, secure in the knowledge that it’s well-maintained and looking its best. Contact us today to schedule your summer home maintenance and improvement projects!

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