Your Go-To Guide for Parking Lot Repaving in the Minneapolis Metro Area:

Your Go-To Guide for Parking Lot Repaving in the Minneapolis Metro Area:

Hey there, neighbor! If you’re from around the Minneapolis metro, you know we live in a place of beauty, but boy, do we see some weather extremes, don’t we? From those hot summer days to our famous Minnesota winters, our roads and parking lots sure take a beating. That’s why I’m here to talk to you about the ins and outs of parking lot repaving, right here in our neck of the woods. So, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s chat about keeping our parking spots in tip-top shape.

Why We Talk Repaving Around Here
In Minneapolis, our weather isn’t just a topic of small talk; it’s a real factor in how we maintain our properties, especially those parking lots. You’ve seen it: the freeze-thaw cycle can turn a small crack into a pothole big enough to lose a fishing tackle in. Repaving isn’t just for making the place look nice; it’s about safety, keeping your customers happy, and making sure your property value doesn’t take a dive into one of our 10,000 lakes.

Timing is Everything, Don’t Ya Know

When it comes to laying down new asphalt, we’ve got a sweet spot on the calendar. Aim for late spring to early fall when the weather is just right – not too hot, not too cold. That’s when your new pavement will set up nice and strong, ready to face whatever Mother Nature throws our way next. While it’s ok to do during the summer months, it’s most ideal to do during the spring or fall.
Picking the Right Folks for the Job

Finding a good contractor is a bit like fishing; you gotta know what you’re looking for. You want a team that knows the Minneapolis weather game and how to tackle it. Tomms Property Solutions repaving division has the experience when dealing with repaving in our unpredictable Minnesota climate. With competitive pricing and a reliable team; you’ll be happy you went with the pros.

What’s Involved in the Repaving Shuffle

Repaving isn’t just slapping down some new asphalt and calling it a day. There’s a whole dance to it:
-Taking a Good Look: First off, a thorough check-up of your lot to spot all the trouble areas.
-Getting Ready: This includes cleaning up, ripping out the old stuff, and fixing any problems underneath.
-Laying Down the New Road: Rolling out the new asphalt, making sure it’s nice and even, and giving it a good press.
-Letting It Settle: Asphalt needs its beauty sleep to get strong and ready for action.
-The Finishing Touches: After everything’s set, it’s time to paint those lines back on so everyone knows where to park their boat (or car).

Keeping It Nice After the Fact
Once your lot looks like new, a little upkeep goes a long way. Keep it clean, fill in cracks before they get out of hand, and think about a seal coat every couple of years. It’s like putting on a winter jacket for your parking lot; helps it stay nice longer.

Wrapping It Up
So there you have it, my Minnesota friends. Parking lot repaving here in the Minneapolis area is a bit of a project, but it’s nothing we can’t handle. With the right timing, the right folks, and a bit of care afterward, your lot will be looking sharp and ready for business, come rain, snow, or sunshine. Tomms Property Solutions is ready to tackle any parking lot project big or small.

Remember, keeping that parking lot in shape isn’t just about making a good first impression (though it sure helps); it’s about being smart with your property and keeping everyone who uses it safe and sound. So, here’s to smooth parking lots and smoother driving, all year round. Cheers, neighbors!

Locations we’ve serviced:

We’ve done work all over the metro area throughout the years. Here’s a list of places where we’ve completed projects over the years.
-Eden Prairie
-Maple Grove
-Coon Rapids
-St. Louis Park
-St. Paul
-Cottage Grove

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